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Since you’ve stopped by, you’re probably looking for answers about how to make things better in your career or business life.  Well, you can count on some comfort here.
I know what it’s like to face nagging situations that never seem to get resolved.
Sometimes we don’t know what to do, don’t know how to do it, or don’t have it in us to go it alone. It happens to everyone, so no need to feel bad.
I’ve enjoyed a long, diverse and successful career in big business and as an entrepreneur. I’ve faced many nerve-wracking challenges, disappointments, frustrations, and uncertainties…just like you.
Because I found kind and capable people who were willing to help me, I turned those struggles into successes. Now it’s my turn to do that for others.


My interest is in helping individuals achieve the good things they want in their work lives. To do that I wear three hats:

  • Career Strategist—Working with you to think through what you really want to do, putting together the tools you need, and developing strategies and plans to find a new career or get ahead in the one you have
  • Mentor/Coach—Helping you figure out what’s getting in the way of your progress, understanding “what’s really going on” at work, offering you options (tricks and tips) for solving problems, and encouraging you to press on to achieve what you want
  • Solo Practice & Small Business Advisor—Working with owners to put the joy back into their work with practical steps that address knotty problems and troublesome people, reduce day-to-day tedium, grow their businesses without breaking the bank, and give them more time for themselves

It would please me to help you when the time is right. Until then,
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